Salvaging the Past to Build the Future

We are on a mission to reclaim the millions of tons of wood waste from construction and demolition by reclaiming it into high volume, locally sourced, premium lumber products.


Meet The Machine

By using AI, The Machine removes staples and nails from reclaimed wood to turn it into premium lumber products. This lowers the carbon footprint and solves the problem of wood waste.


Helping increase profitability while reducing the environmental impact.


Enabling low carbon footprint buildings with high quality reclaimed lumber.

Architects &

Providing sustainable, premium materials to architects & designers.


Affording carbon credits & real sustainable solutions for wood waste.

Our Latest Projects

We reclaim & co-create locally sourced premium lumber products, creating a circular economy. In doing this, we preserve secular forests, reduce logistical costs, and allow for the health benefits of wood in our environments to be reaped.