Thinking Differently About
Lumber Waste

We Use Robotics and AI to Reclaim Lumber for Reuse

Innovative Robotics and AI to Reclaim C&D Lumber

The Machine uses AI and robotics to create reclaimed lumber

Urban Machine — where innovation meets sustainability. First, AI and computer vision locate metal fasteners. Our patented end effectors remove nails, staples, and screws. Then our metal detector ensures the wood is metal-free for our customers.

Aerial view image of a circular economy outlining Urban Machine's model and how it works

Why It Works

1. Economic Opportunity 

Using The Machine lowers the cost of reclaimed lumber processing to compete with virgin lumber pricing.

2. Circularity Drives Sustainability

Urban Machine’s robots can be found generating large volumes of locally sourced reclaimed materials. This reduces landfilling, transportation, and carbon emissions while promoting circular practices.

3. Harvesting Quality Lumber from Buildings

Urban Machine captures high-grade, dimensional lumber from buildings. This wood is prized for its hardness, straightness, and tight grains. The Machine delivers a premium product that’s higher quality than virgin.

4. Keeping the Fiber Intact

Wood waste is typically ground up and buried in landfills or sold as a low-quality product. Urban Machine offers an opportunity to return lumber to the built environment, to build with again.

The Machine revolutionizes wood waste reclamation for C&D waste facilities, demolition contractors, developers, and architects. Our robotic solution reveals a lucrative opportunity to solve the industry’s massive waste problem.