Start Profiting From
Wood Waste

Our machines will enable you to turn lumber waste from demolition and framing into high value lumber products. We will connect you with buyers to generate a new revenue stream for your business.

The Machine is our solution to the wood waste problem in construction & demolition projects. We bring the Machine to your job site to enable fuss free wood reclaiming.

With The Machine, Wood Waste is Not a Problem. It’s an Opportunity.

We source reclaimed lumber directly from demolition and construction sites. After the lumber is cleaned by The Machine, it can be reused on site for the new building or sold to another project.

Take Part in the Circular Economy and Benefit From It

Reclaimed wood carries its history on every panel, each scratch and scar, each stain from its previous life, and the markings created through natural weathering. If only it could speak, just imagine the stories it would tell.

Schedule Urban Machine to Help Your Next Project

Dimensional lumber (from 2X4 up to 6X18), Glulam, and heavy timber can all be locally sourced and reused.
Contact us to build a sustainable future.