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Reevaluating Wood Waste

Urban Machine is recognized for reevaluating wood waste in the TWIG (The Wood Innovation Group) Newsletter, a dedicated space to inspire and guide professionals to gather, connect, and share knowledge. TWIG’s events bridge tradition and innovation, creating a platform for knowledge exchange that propels the value-added wood sector forward.

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The Growth and Scaling Podcast with Todd Westra

Tune in to meet Eric Law, the visionary behind Urban Machine Robotics, where construction meets eco-friendly realities. With two decades of industry expertise, Eric is on a mission to rescue a staggering 37 million tons of discarded lumber annually in the U.S. His outstanding team, now on their fifth robotic iteration, is gearing up to reclaim wood in more metropolitan areas. Despite hurdles like hungry hardware costs and the delicate dance of engineering and marketing, Eric is turning trash into treasure. Ready to be part of the solution? Hit that play button now!


MJ Collective’s Startup Series

Discover the untapped value in reclaimed lumber from C&D! MJ Collective explores our solution to reclaim this valuable resource for reuse.


Built by Nature Prize Semi-finalist

Urban Machine is among the top 15 semi-finalists for the Built by Nature Prize–a global showdown for low-carbon materials, shaping a greener future for our built world.


Pilot Project with Suffolk

Using Urban Machine’s robot, Suffolk Construction will reclaim wood from one project to reuse that same wood for another project in the Bay Area.


GreenBiz : AI in the Circular Economy

Urban Machine is one of the two startups previewing the future of AI in the circular economy, showcasing its impactful applications in sustainable practices.