We are Salvaging the Past

to Build the Future

Our mission is building a sustainable future by reclaiming wood waste from construction and demolition and turning it into high volume, locally sourced premium lumber products.

A Circular Economy Should Work for Everyone.

That’s why we are delivering a solution that enables everyone–like architects, developers, and contractors–to build with a lower environmental impact.

Q1 2021


The idea for Urban Machine started to take shape.

Q2 2021

Benchtop Prototype

The first benchtop prototype was completed.

Q3 2021

Pre-Seed Round

Urban Machine raised its pre-seed round.

Q4 2021

First Shop

Urban Machine opened its first shop in Oakland, CA.

Q2 2022

Auto Picking

Nail & Staple Picker achieved 90% accuracy.

Q3 2022

Needed More Room

Urban Machine relocated to a larger shop at 1070 40th Street.

Q4 2022

Seed Round

Urban Machine closed its $5.6M seed round.

Q1 2023

Our Trailers Arrived

Giving us the ability to reclaim wood right at jobsites.

Q2 2023

Doubled the Team

We now have five mechanical & three software engineers.

Our Benefits

Urban Machine has forged a new standard for wood by generating a circular economy. Everyone benefits from the solution of recycling wood waste into premium lumber products – we are committed to delivering those benefits.
Lower Carbon Emissions
Healthy Environment
Incorporating Heritage
Locally Sourced
No Commodity Price Swings
13x Less Energy to Produce

Schedule Urban Machine to Help Your Next Project

Dimensional lumber (from 2X4 up to 6X18), Glulam, and heavy timber can all be locally sourced and reused.
Contact us to build a sustainable future.