Why Specify

Reclaimed Wood?

There is history in every panel of reclaimed wood. Each scratch, scar, and blemish are evidence of its previous life. Your architectural design showcases its story.

Carbon Retention

Three trillion board feet of lumber and timber sawn over the last century still stands in existing buildings across the US, storing seven billion tons of carbon.

Lower Carbon Emissions

During growth, wood absorbs 1 ton of carbon per cubic meter. By keeping the same timber in circulation, we avoid releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.

Healthy Environment

Studies show that being exposed to wood in buildings creates similar health benefits to that of spending time in nature.

Incorporating Heritage

By using reclaimed, locally sourced wood in new buildings, we incorporate the past into our sustainable future.

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Dimensional lumber (from 2X4 up to 6X18), Glulam, and heavy timber can all be locally sourced and reused.
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