Author: Jorie Wisnefski

  • Reclaimed Lumber for Reuse in Construction – Q2 Newsletter

    worker working with wood

    We take pride in enabling more reclaimed lumber for reuse in construction projects. Urban Machine Pilot Projects Suffolk Technologies initiated a pilot program with Urban Machine to reclaim lumber for reuse in another construction project. They’ll export wood from one building, reclaim it with our robot, and use the lumber for another project in the Bay Area…

  • Video – Cutting Edge Cutter Technology

    machinery with sawblade

    With cutting-edge cutter technology at the onset, the robot can get cooking to swiftly remove metal fasteners from C&D wood waste–reclaiming it for reuse as premium lumber. Stay tuned for the full reveal!

  • Video – Robot Reclaims Lumber at All Bay Lumber Mill

    Urban Machine’s robot reclaims lumber at All Bay Lumber Mill. The Machine uses AI, cameras, and robotics to locate and remove metal fasteners, and we’re building an inventory of premium reclaimed wood for sale. All Bay is also producing DLT (Dowel-Laminated Timber) with our reclaimed lumber, contributing to sustainable construction practices.

  • Lumber, Robotics, Innovation, and Sustainability

    man in front of dark background with words Turn The Lens - Eric Law

    Lumber, Robotics, Innovation, and Sustainability are discussed on Jeff Frick’s podcast Turn the Lens with guest Eric Law, Co-founder and CEO of Urban Machine.

  • Reevaluating Wood Waste

    green logo with white letters "T-W-I-G"

    Urban Machine is recognized for reevaluating wood waste in the TWIG (The Wood Innovation Group) Newsletter, a dedicated space to inspire and guide professionals to gather, connect, and share knowledge. TWIG’s events bridge tradition and innovation, creating a platform for knowledge exchange that propels the value-added wood sector forward.

  • The Future of Wood Waste

    green logo with white letters "T-W-I-G"

    Let’s talk about the future of wood waste. Not just reclaiming wood, but adding new value waste material to create new products for our built environment. Join us for a lunchtime event with Urbanjacks + Eric Law from Urban Machine to learn about their companies and the work they are doing in this space.

  • Reclaimed Lumber Pricing on Proptech Espresso

    cup of coffee being poured with image of buildings in the foam

    Discover why reclaimed lumber pricing hitting parity with virgin lumber is such an important milestone for the construction circular economy.

  • 2024 Zero Waste Symposium

    The 2024 Zero Waste Symposium will showcase zero waste policies, programs, and infrastructure that design waste out of the system wherever possible and divert discarded materials through composting, reclaiming, reducing, reusing, and recycling. We can eliminate waste around the North Bay with the participation of all residents and businesses. Together, it is possible to be…

  • The Growth and Scaling Podcast with Todd Westra

    man on podcast

    Tune in to meet Eric Law, the visionary behind Urban Machine Robotics, where construction meets eco-friendly realities. With two decades of industry expertise, Eric is on a mission to rescue a staggering 37 million tons of discarded lumber annually in the U.S. His outstanding team, now on their fifth robotic iteration, is gearing up to…

  • VEMA Deconstruction and Urban Machine Join Forces

    construction workers salvaging wood

    VEMA Deconstruction leaps toward sustainable construction practices by signing an LOI to partner with Urban Machine.