Reclaimed Lumber for Reuse in Construction – Q2 Newsletter

We take pride in enabling more reclaimed lumber for reuse in construction projects.

worker working with wood

Urban Machine

Pilot Projects

Suffolk Technologies initiated a pilot program with Urban Machine to reclaim lumber for reuse in another construction project. They’ll export wood from one building, reclaim it with our robot, and use the lumber for another project in the Bay Area — highlighting the circularity and sustainability of their construction practices.

reclaimed lumber being gathered at landfill for reuse in construction

In collaboration with Napa Recycling, Urban Machine installed collection racks at their facility to measure wood salvaged, offering a sustainable approach to C&D wood waste management. By robotically reclaiming wood from their facility, we minimize environmental impact, gather more reclaimed lumber for reuse in construction projects, and create a blueprint for similar initiatives across other resource recovery facilities.

Victory Vibes

with LOIs

Omtre R&D project manager, Wendy Wuyts, signed an LOI while visiting Urban Machine from Norway.

Urban Machine is thrilled to announce that Omtre, a Norwegian start-up specializing in reclaimed lumber for reuse in construction, has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with us!

This partnership marks a significant milestone towards revolutionizing the reuse of lumber through innovative technology.

reclaimed lumber in truck being hauled for reuse in construction

VEMA Deconstruction in Vancouver signed an LOI to receive one of Urban Machine’s wood-reclaiming robots, marking a pivotal moment for deconstruction and reuse.

Erick Ventura Serpas, Owner of VEMA Deconstruction, is dedicated to sustainable demolition. Teaming with Urban Machine will enhance efforts to reuse building materials even further.

This collaboration means more reclaimed materials, less waste, and a brighter future for construction.


Teaser Alert

Urban Machine’s engineers have implemented hardware for more efficiency than ever before. With cutting-edge cutter technology at the onset, the robot can get cooking to swiftly remove metal fasteners from C&D wood waste–reclaiming it for reuse as premium lumber. Stay tuned for the full reveal!

New Hire

Field Engineer

woman in front of reclaimed lumber being reused in construction of wall

We are excited to have Field Engineer Mia Campbell on the Urban Machine team. With a background in architecture and sustainable design, she is sure to elevate our fieldwork. 

Signing Leases

Selling Reclaimed Lumber

wood on conveyor belt, entering machine to become reclaimed lumber for reuse in construction
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