Clients Want Healthy

Sustainable Buildings

And you want price certainty on your building materials. Reclaimed lumber delivers both while reducing the impact of deforestation and keeping valuable resources from being sent to the landfill.

The Key Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

We reclaim & co-create locally sourced, premium lumber products to create a circular economy. This way, we preserve secular forests and reduce the cost of transportation while offering all of the health benefits from wood in our environments.
No Commodity Price Swings
Lower Carbon Emissions
13x Less Energy to Produce

Our Machines Turn Wood Waste into Premium Lumber Products

Carefully Cleaned & Prepared

Premium Reclaimed Lumber

Lumber Ready for Your Design

Schedule Urban Machine to Help Your Next Project

Dimensional lumber (from 2X4 up to 6X18), Glulam, and heavy timber can all be locally sourced and reused.
Contact us to build a sustainable future.