Q1 Newsletter – 2024

Urban Machine – Documentary

Learn why and how Eric Law, Andrew Gillies, and Alex Thiele built a robot to tackle the challenge of construction wood waste.

Catch the trailer for our documentary below, or scroll down on our Company page to watch the full version.

Victory Vibes – The Machine

There’s a reason Top Bird is on top…

From September to January, that particular Big Bird picked 10k+ fasteners, peaking at 800 picks/day. In that time, we’ve moved more than 5.5 miles/9km of wood through the robot!

NEW TECH – Teaser Alert

Keep following us for updates on the implementation of this new technology.

New Hire – Software Team

Kyle Medeiros brings a wealth of experience, and we look forward to their impactful projects ahead!

Reclaimed Wood – Inventory Surplus

By robotically removing fasteners from construction wood waste each day, we’re building quite the inventory of reclaimed wood.

Contact Aschley Hopkins Yanda to Buy Our Wood or Rent The Machine.

Thank you for your continued support!

-The Urban Machine Team