A loft space with a lot of wood detailing


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MJ Collective’s Startup Series

Discover the untapped value in reclaimed lumber from C&D! MJ Collective explores our solution to reclaim this valuable resource for reuse.


Built by Nature Prize Semi-finalist

Urban Machine is among the top 15 semi-finalists for the Built by Nature Prize–a global showdown for low-carbon materials, shaping a greener future for our built world.


Pilot Project with Suffolk

Using Urban Machine’s robot, Suffolk Construction will reclaim wood from one project to reuse that same wood for another project in the Bay Area.


Q1 Newsletter – 2024

Urban Machine – Documentary Learn why and how Eric Law, Andrew Gillies, and Alex Thiele built a robot to tackle the challenge of construction wood waste. Catch the trailer for our documentary below, or scroll down on our Company page to watch the full version. Victory Vibes – The Machine There’s a reason Top Bird is…


Circularity and Reuse

Advanced Building Construction Collective is hosting a Circularity and Reuse group discussion for members.


Deconstruction Webinar

Explore the environmental benefits of DEconstruction on February 22 at 11 am PT from Urban Machine’s LinkedIn and YouTube pages.


AIA Los Angelos Technology Conference

Aschley Yanda is speaking at the AIA Los Angeles Technology Conference where AECO professionals explore tech-driven industry shifts and innovative client solutions.

Mountains with overlay that says NextCycle Colorado

NextCycle Colorado

Urban Machine is thrilled to be accepted into the NextCycle Colorado program! We’re ready to drive sustainable construction initiatives in Colorado and beyond.