A loft space with a lot of wood detailing


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Lumber in US History

Lumber was one of the first industries of the United States and continues to play an important role today.


Addressing Wood Waste

Join Eric Law, Co-Founder and CEO at Urban Machine, on this week’s episode of Specified Growth Podcast!


Q3 Newsletter

Urban Machine is still on a winning streak. In Denver, Colorado, we took home the People’s Choice award at the Housing Innovation Alliance PitchFest.


MMC 6 – Urban Machine

Discover how we are revolutionizing the circular economy with cutting-edge technology and reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment.


UM at CloseTheDeal.com

Eric Law is the CEO of Urban Machine. Did you know most wood goes to the junkyard? Till now, thanks to AI and robotics.


Urban Machine at CRRA

Join us at one of most comprehensive conferences dedicated to recycling and sustainable materials management in California and beyond.